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Start of the school year

Our Vision

To help create an educated and altruistic society by imparting quality education to students and inculcating in them deep values based on compassion and empathy

Our Current Objective

Donation Platform:

  • To collect books on virtually any subject from people who are in no dire need of them anymore. 

  • To distribute those books among the deserving candidates.

Online Library:

  • To develop an online library where students from the valley can avail books free of cost for a period of three months.

Lined Up Books
Holding a Book

How Can You Help?

Donation Platform:

  • Donate your books. We will ensure they reach the deserving candidates.

Online Library:

  • Have any books you want others to use for a period of three months? Let us know.

Spread the word so that others can join the initiative.​

Community Members

List of members contributing and sustaining the initiative


Mr Owais (Postgraduate student at TUM, Germany)


  1. Mr Sarier

  2. Ms Munazzah

  3. Ms Aiman

  4. Ms Nahida

  5. Mr Khalid

  6. Ms Arbeela

  7. Mrs Khushi

  8. Mr Aadil

  9. Mr Zakir

  10. Mr Anees

  11. Mr Umair

  12. Dr Farzana

  13. Mr Burhan

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